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How to Enroll Your First Screen?

What Does Enrolling a Screen Mean?

After the enrollment of sites on the Intouch Live portal, the Media Network Manager, or’s Account Manager, on behalf of the retailer enrolls the screens needed on each site.

  1. From the list of sites, choose the site you want to enroll your screen in

  1. Press the Screen Tab, then ‘Enroll Screen’

  • Device ID

Add a unique identifier of the screen, such as the device serial number, which is mostly used by technicians, support, and network teams.

Communicate the screen’s location inside the site with the Deployment Partners or on-ground staff using a free-text format (E.g. The screen opposite to the dairy fridge, near the entrance).

Retailer-specific custom tags used by the retail marketing team in targeting the screens of interest, based on any attribute(s) they share in common, e.g. poultry, meat, fridge.

  • Pairing code

If you want to pair the screen instantly, enter the 9-digit code displayed on the newly deployed screen. If not, then, enroll the screen and pair later.

Congrats! You have enrolled your first screen.

You should find the screen added to the list of enrolled screens with their states (paired or unpaired).

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