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How to Enroll Your First Site?

What Does Enrolling a Site Mean?

Before the deployment of a retailer’s sites (aka stores), the Media Network Manager, or’s Account Manager, on behalf of the retailer enrolls the sites to’s media network through Intouch Live. This step takes place with every site you'd like to enroll, meaning each site at a time.

1- Site Location

On the map, type the store location that you would like to enroll. Check the details and make sure that it is pinned correctly on the map. If it is not correct, press ‘edit pin location’ and locate it correctly, then press ‘confirm’ and ‘next’ to move to the next step.

2- Site Details

  • Site address
The address and the details that follow should be automatically pulled from the site location entered in the previous step on Google Maps, if available. In case you cannot find the site address on Google Maps, you can enter it manually as well as the following details.

  • City
Choose the city that your site is located in from the dropdown menu.

  • Site Name
Type in your store’s/brand’s name, if it is not automatically filled.

  • Business Hours
Specify the days that your store operates in, the opening hours, and closing hours.

3- Site Tags

Provide details about this specific site to make it easy to locate related items/content/issues that have the same tag on your Intouch Live Portal. Ex: Highway, downtown,…etc.

Congrats! You have enrolled your first site. 

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