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How to Pair Your Screen Using The Intouch Pairing App?

The retailer can authorize a specific Deployment Partner, or multiple partners, to enroll the screens by providing them with a unique 5-digit enrollment key that expires after 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days as determined upon creation.

  1. Open Intouch Portal, and press on the Media Network tab on top, then choose Enrollment

  1. Generate a Key
  • Valid for 

Choose the duration which the unique 5-digit key will expire after.

  • Notes

Optional notes that you can use to specify the deployment partner, the sites being deployed, and any key information.

  1. Intouch Pairing App

After installing the screen inside the store, the deployment partner scans the QR code displayed on our web-based media player using their smartphone. They enter the enrollment key, then the QR code directs them to the pairing web app.

  • Select a Site

The Deployment Partner selects the site where the screen is installed. If the Deployment Partner has the location-sharing on, the pairing web app will automatically detect the site they’re in, otherwise, the site can be manually selected by name and address.

  • Screen Pairing

Make sure that the selected site is correct. Then, accordingly, pair the screen.

  • Select a Screen

From a list of unpaired screens, the deployment partner selects the screen they are pairing using the physical location info.

Congrats! You’ve just paired your screen. 

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