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How to Upload Creatives?

  1. Sign into your Intouch Live account.


  1. Hover over the “Content” tab on top of the page, then choose “Creative Library” from the dropdown menu. 

  1. Press the "Upload Creatives" button.

  1. Make sure that your photos/videos follow the requirements as follows:
  1. You can easily drag and drop your creatives or press the “browse” button on top and choose from the saved files on your device.

  1. Press “upload”. Now you’ll find your creatives shown with their IDs, names, status and type. 


Once your creatives are uploaded, the status shown would be “Processing” for a few minutes until our system ensures that the creatives are optimized and ready to be published. Once approved, you’ll see it change to “Processed”. In case the status is “Failed”, you’ll need to check that you’ve followed all the criteria mentioned about the size, duration, etc. If you still face a problem, contact our support team.

Now, you’re all set.

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