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Intouch Live is now retailers’ one-stop shop where they will be able to make the best out of the solution in one place only: Intouch Live portal.

Note: Previously, retailers had to use Intouch Ads for some actions. Now, they have all they need on Intouch Live

How will this help?

• Optimizing the user-experience
• Saving the marketing department the time and effort
• Smoother procedures

Let’s briefly go through the existing features first.

The existing features enable retailers to:

Enroll their sites on Intouch Live
Enroll screen
Pair their screens at any time they want using Intouch Pairing App

Our upcoming release will give retailers more control over the portal, providing them with a more powerful, yet smoother experience.

Our next release
will help retailers to:

• Upload creatives; where marketers can make the best use of creative storage by uploading all their creatives— whether they will use them now, in the future, or even if they will not use them at all. 

• Create in-house campaigns for marketing purposes and Public Service Announcements

• Targeting their in-house ads; where retailers can create personalized campaigns based on attributes like the store’s location. Based on the ad’s content, retailers can target specific screens using the screen tags and target certain sites using site tags.

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