Display the right ad to the real shopper at the right time

Imagine giving the same personalized experience that the customer admires in online shopping inside the physical store, where the decision is made! AI and ML technologies provide personalized in-store experiences based on accurate data. Accordingly, your ads will be displayed nailing the right opportunities at the right moments, turning shoppers into buyers.

The power of the last 20 yards

Target your audience at the most influential moment, where they are 20 steps away from your products and ready to make impulse purchases in categories they had no intention of considering. This will lead to a remarkable increase in the basket value.

Connecting with customers

Influence your customers’ buying decisions and promote your brand/products by triggering all their senses with light, sound, smell, and motion capabilities, which will allow you to make more emotional connections with customers and build a more robust image of your brand in their heads.

Do you want to increase your in-store sales and experience the perks of our AI-powered solution?

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