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Influence consumers’ buying decisions where it matters most: in-store. Enjoy an increase in sales, and deliver high reach and frequency against target segments at a low cost.
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Break the mould of business-as-usual. Redefine your relationship with the customer using our real-time and intelligent promotions platform.
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Boost Product Sales

Grow your product sales, category sales, or brand awareness with relevant personalized store ads that inspire shoppers to choose your brand before walking to the till.

Inspire Action With Attractive Ads

Connect to shoppers with visually inspiring ads that are rich, authentic, and relevant, using static or video content that is displayed at the right time, and to the right audience.

Uncover Insights and Trends

Want to know what sells and when it sells? We’ll help you figure out which products are performing. Also, get competitive insights to help strengthen your offering.


Maximize your sales with Intouch Ads

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Attribution in

Compare impressions vs. sales at the POS, calculating when to show/not to show an item.

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Privacy by

GDPR compliant, we take your customers' privacy into account in a well-defined manner.

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Display your ads where potential customers physically exist

We promote the right product to the right person at the right time, measure impact, then learn and repeat. Our data models analyze store’s real-time and historical data to increase advertising relevancy, engage with real in-store shoppers, and invite conversions.


The right ad for the right audience at the right time

Using Artificial Intelligence, ads are selected and displayed in real-time to ensure they’re relevant to your shoppers. With the world’s most accurate in-store targeting experience, receive the data you want to get the buyers you need.


Set an advertising budget that works for your business

Intouch Ads is flexible to suit your advertising budget. Set a monthly budget cap that complies with your needs, and get to pause or adjust your spending anytime.


The right ads for your audience

Using Artificial Intelligence Ads are selected and screened in real-time to ensure they’re high quality and relevant to your shoppers, regardless of your store location. The result? You can make more money by increasing basket-value.

Before, we were making educated guesses on campaign performance based on historical data. Now, with, we can see sales on a store-by-store basis, allowing us to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign on a more granular level.

- Ciarán Brennan, Shopper Marketing at Unilever
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Measure Attribution in Real-Time

Provide real-time attribution by comparing impressions vs sales at the POS. Using Machine Learning, real-time metrics are sent to the AI engine that calculates when to show/not to show an item. Out of stock assumptions can be made and updated through the decision engine.

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Privacy by Design

GDPR compliant, we take your customers privacy seriously! Privacy is taken into account throughout the entire engineering process. All design is value sensitive, taking human values into account in a well-defined manner throughout the whole process.

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