Personalization & accurate product recommendation 

Imagine giving the same personalized experience that the customer admires in online shopping inside the physical store, where the decision is made! AI and ML technologies provide personalized in-store experiences based on accurate data. Accordingly, your ads will be displayed nailing the right opportunities at the right moments, turning shoppers into buyers.

Online targeting options to turn shoppers into buyers inside the physical store

Intouch ads’ main objective is to show the right ad to the right customer at the right time. By setting up a target audience in the ad group on the Intouch Ads portal, you will get an estimated number of the size of the audience you will reach inside the physical stores. Targeting options include location, demographics, temperature, and campaign/ad group running time.

Fresh insights at your fingertips

Intouch Ads can help you monitor how many times the ad was displayed and where, and which promoted product sells and when. It will also assist you in monitoring your campaign performance and get competitive insights to improve your offering.

Do you want to increase your in-store sales and experience the perks of our AI-powered solution?

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