How Is Shaping Modern Marketing

With the help of AI, has built a solution that’s leading companies now to have the ability to not only interact directly with individuals but also to transform the data they leave behind into a blueprint of how to actually benefit them in the future. Brands and retailers are gradually increasing the role of Artificial Intelligence in their marketing strategies, improving their ROI, because it provides a critical competitive advantage by generating predictive insights to properly foresee customer behavior.

Predicting Purchasing Patterns

Predictive analytics makes use of massive amounts of data to anticipate potential results. Brands have shifted their focus to predictive analytics in order to masterfully predict buyers’ purchasing patterns. A research done by Aberdeen states that companies that are identifying customer needs and wants through predictive analytics can increase their organic revenue by 21% year-over-year, compared to an average of 12% without predictive analytics. offers its users insights like how many times the ad was displayed and why, and which product sells and when, while monitoring the campaign performance and getting competitive insights to help brands and retailers improve their offering. and Digital Advertising

Consumers and brands are overwhelmed every day with advertisements. However, a lot of times they bump into irrelevant ads, so they simply close the ad or move on to their next task. When this happens, advertisers lose money.

Using’s solution, businesses can improve their return on investment (ROI) by only displaying ads to relevant viewers. Ads can be purchased automatically and then personalized at a large scale. This technology is already being used by many advertisers on online platforms. However, it is argued that the effectiveness of the online campaign is not always clearly reflected on in-store sales, making it difficult to assess the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

The right product, to the right customer, at the right time

For brick-and-mortar stores, in-store marketing is the ultimate customer magnet. While it may appear that e-commerce platforms are always one step ahead of their competitors, brick-and-mortar can provide amazing experiences to their customers right at the point of sale. They happen when the customer is interested and ready to shop. So, imagine giving the same personalized experience that the customer admires in online shopping but in-store, where the decision is made. With the help of AI and ML technologies, provides personalized in-store experiences based on accurate data; so ads are displayed, nailing the right opportunities at the right moments, leading to delight and purchase.

Our AI-powered personalization platform is reshaping customers’ in-store shopping habits. It helps deliver better customer experiences by providing better product suggestions and more agreeable in-person shopping. This triggers shoppers’ impulse buying and overall buying decisions, leading to a remarkable increase in in-store sales.

In-store Displays

In-store displays like digital signages are the new go-for advertising tool! They substitute the prints, reducing the costs, and are always ready to adapt to change directions in real-time in response to what the customer needs.’s solution allows users to change and adjust the content displayed on the screens based on the changing needs and demands of their customers. 

With the help of ML, the solution transforms data into insights and allows retailers to gain complete control over increasing in-store product sales. Brands and retailers can now plan their ads based on what their target audience desires, instead of making uncertain decisions.

Connecting With Customers

When customers’ emotions are triggered while shopping, their purchasing decisions can be affected. Digital signages are equipped with light, sound, and motion capabilities, allowing brands to make more emotional connections with customers. This assists them in reflecting their brand's values and personality in ways other than static displays and product packaging. Businesses can transform their product into a brand storyteller, then. This highlights products and pushes towards a completely different type of brand communication at the point of sale.

Bottom Line: Why Having In-store is Crucial?

People need to connect with brands, to feel and touch the products before making the purchase. 72% of customers consider the in-store experience the most important channel when making a purchase, and 70% of customers make their final purchase in physical stores, not online. 

By promoting with, in-store, you offer something that e-commerce lacks: a real connection. People may search for products online, check reviews, and connect with brands on social media, but they still prefer to go to stores to buy. And, with the assistance of our solution, they can improve their experience and make purchases of the advertised products, as studies show that 49% of shoppers made an impulse purchase after receiving a personalized experience. 

Never let customers pass your brand in-store! Capture their interest in-moment and in-place to promote conversion and enhance their buying experience with Contact us for more information.

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