Why Should Every Retailer Choose

Retailers, are you finding it a challenge to stay on top in this competitive market? Are you thriving to outshine your competitors in a way that no one else has done before? has built the world’s smartest in-store media network using the power of data & Artificial Intelligence to help your business climax. The future of retail is here!

A deeper preview… is a smart in-store retail media network that helps retailers and brands to digitize their stores in a way that provides a personalized in-store experience using AI. Our purpose is to help physical spaces thrive by making them as engaging and intelligent as digital ones.

Our solution understands your store, customers & products, using AI, showing real-time intelligent ads that are relevant to your store audience at any given moment. 

Intouch Live; our unique product enables retailers to increase their revenue through:

  1. Advertising Income

Introduce a new advertising channel in-store, and unlock a net new revenue stream from the ads displayed in-store. This is optimized with Real-Time Bidding, where brands compete over the ad slot, and the brand that offers a higher price gets it.

  1. Incremental Sales

Increase the average basket value by promoting impulse buying. With the help of AI, our solution displays the right ad to the right customer at the right time, influencing shoppers’ buying decisions. 

  1. Operational Efficiency

Reduce operational overhead, print cost, and labor involved in running promotional campaigns. Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the use of printed papers, thus, contributing to less cutting of trees.

  1. Fresh Insights

With the help of AI, retailers can put their data into use to better understand their audience and shoppers’ behavior. We collect 100s of data points including day, time, dominant age group, gender, weather conditions, and nearby events. Crunching all this data together, our state-of-the-art Machine Learning model enables us to display the right product that’s relevant to the shoppers in real-time!

Retailers, you deserve to stay on top without losing focus on your core business! And in this fast-paced digital era, will help you to stay ahead of your competitors with its advanced AI-driven solution with minimal effort and cost. Get Intouch now!

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