Increase In-store Sales with our AI-powered Decision Engine

Intouch Marvin:’s secret sauce
Intouch Marvin is our centralized intelligence. It intelligently matches the right content with the right display slot.

Our solution is broken down into three steps:

  1. Product Intelligence

Over a 5-year period, we have categorized over 5M grocery products. Our process identifies the most relevant keywords or tags that are associated with each product, creating a unique Profiling Document for every product. This unique ability to source and maintain product associated attributes is patent pending and is core to the Intouch IP.   

  1. Store Intelligence

This is the process we use to capture relevant store-specific data in real-time to feed our decision intelligence and machine learning  (e.g. weather, dominant gender, time, events, etc.)

We gather store intelligence in many different ways.

  • Weather data
  • Self-scanning data
  • Event data
  • Age & Gender data
  • POS Data
  • Time of day & day of week
  • Traffic data
  • Socio-economic data
  • Loyalty data
  1. Decision Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Before we capture sales data, we combine our product and store intelligence to identify commonality to start with a smart hypothesis regarding content display. We then apply a learning algorithm that refines the relationship between products and attributes as we upload sales data.

Content Rank

“Content Rank” will be as important to optimizing retail display as “Page Rank” is to optimizing Google searches.

Case Study

CPG partnered with Magnum to raise the in-store profile and gain insights into consumer demographics for four weeks (March 2021) following their product, Double Gold Caramel Billionaire’s initial launch.

Contextualized digital advertising showcased the new ice cream in 27 convenience stores across Ireland.


If you want to increase your in-store sales and experience the perks of our AI-powered decision engine yourself,
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