Increase Shopper Retention

Personalization: Bringing Online Relevancy Into Store

Our AI-powered platform enables retailers to utilize data to rank and display the right product to the right customer at the right time, providing the same personalized experience that the shopper admires online but in-store, where the final decision is made. This in turn allows more informed customer interactions across channels – empowering the retailer to deliver an enhanced customer experience, thereby boosting retention, revenues, and profitability. 

How does it work? 

Our platform is powered by an intelligent decision engine that examines millions of retail datasets on a daily basis, then re-trains its audience association models to provide the world’s most accurate in-store targeting experience.

Utilizing Real-Time Data

With the help of AI, retailers can put their data into use to better understand their audience and shoppers’ behavior, their products, and store; by leveraging data like demographics (day, time, dominant age group, gender), weather conditions, nearby events, and more (e.g. traffic, social data, loyalty data, behavioral insights, etc.) Thus, not only showing the right product but also showing the right promotions and offers, to the right customer, at the right time.

Connecting With Customers

When customers’ emotions are triggered while shopping, their purchasing decisions can be affected. 

  • Digital signages are equipped with light, sound, and motion capabilities, allowing brands to make more emotional connections with customers. This assists them in reflecting their brand's values and personality in ways other than static displays and product packaging. 
  • Businesses can transform their product into a brand storyteller. This pushes towards a completely different type of brand communication at the point of sale and triggers impulse buying.
  • Coming to a store and finding out that the desired products are “out-of-stock” is frustrating and disappointing, especially if it happens more than once at the same store. Advanced analytics and forecasting are being used to precisely estimate and optimize inventory levels, increasing customers’ trust. Guarantees a Low Churn Rate

  • The modern customer has high expectations when it comes to customer experience. Personalization allows retailers to better engage with customers in-store and improve services. 
  • Brand loyalty can be improved through hyper-personalized offers and targeted digital marketing leading to a higher basket spend per customer.


Forecourts UK

The average spend of a customer in UK forecourts last year was £6.06. 


If you want to serve your customers the same online experience in their favorite stores and increase shoppers’ retention, get Intouch now!

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