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Magnum believes in true, authentic pleasure. Pleasure so good that it’s worth letting go for. Magnum works with the best chocolate, ice cream and dessert experts around the world to constantly push the boundaries of indulgence and sophistication. To deliver the perfect contrast between the signature cracking chocolate and rich, velvety ice cream. All Magnum ice creams are even sealed with an M stamp to show they are expertly crafted and ready to deliver you that superior pleasure. 

Magnum launched their new product, Double Gold Caramel Billionaire in Ireland.

Intouch.com partnered with Magnum to raise the in-store profile and gain insights into consumer demographics for four weeks (March 2021) following the product’s initial launch.

Contextualised digital advertising showcased the new ice cream in 27 convenience stores across Ireland.

The opportunity


"Before Intouch.com, we would allocate a number of ads across our advertising network. These brand awareness campaigns made it difficult to measure the exact number of purchases that resulted from showing the ads. We would monitor the sales based on geographic region as opposed to on a store level.”
- Ciaran Brennan, Shopper Marketing, Unilever Ireland

The solution


"With Intouch.com, we allowed their system to decide the best time to show the ads. By contextualising the stores, they were able to determine which segment of customers had the highest chance of converting. Being able to visually see the spend vs conversion allowed us to measure the exact ROI, similar to online advertising. These useful in-store metrics also gave us an insight into who was and wasn’t buying the products."

“With Intouch.com, we’ve got a greater insight into our customers shopping patterns in-store.”


“Before Intouch.com, we were making educated guesses on campaign performance based on historical data. Now, with Intouch.com, we can see sales on a store-by-store basis, allowing us to analyse the effectiveness of a campaign on a more granular level.  Intouch.com’s real-time platform also provided us a clear indication of what was actually happening in-store as it was happening."

“Every store is different. Factors like weather, store size, and location all influence the performance of a campaign. Intouch.com helped us to segment the stores based on these factors, giving a more structured plan for the Magnum Billionaire Bar campaign.”


“It’s rare that we can target customers while they have the physical availability to immediately buy the product. The majority of our brand awareness campaigns are centered on the ability to recall and recognize our business. With Intouch.com, the customers are in-store and have the ability to purchase the product then and there. This feature, linked with the POS data, gives us great insights into our in-store conversion rate.”


  • Insights into regions of Ireland, site types, and days of the week where the product was most popular provided strategic action points to drive more value during the next campaign  
  • Insights into in-store customer demographics presented a clear opportunity for targeted promotions of other Magnum products 



“Intouch.com’s campaign reporting supplies us a complete breakdown of the impact temperature, site location, site type, gender, and age group had on sales. Those takeaways are really useful for marketing our products across the board. When running brand awareness campaigns, we never receive such granular reporting.”

To learn more about getting your campaigns live across the Intouch.com network, email sales@intouch.com.

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